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The Best Podcasts For Those Who Want to Break Into Tech

In recent years, podcasts have become wildly popular amongst young professionals. After all, these segments are typically rather short and easy to digest, making them the perfect method of gleaning industry-specific insights during the morning commute, on one’s lunch break, or even while preparing dinner.

Furthermore, podcasts make such pertinent information more accessible to the population at large. So, regardless of one’s background, education, or experience, they can gain the knowledge they need to excel in both their personal and professional lives.

This feature is especially important now, as more and more individuals entertain the idea of leaving their current jobs for positions in the ever-booming and evolving tech industry. With that in mind, let us explore the best podcasts for those who wish to break into tech.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Initially released in September 2016, How I Built This is a National Public Radio favorite, as its structure tends to deviate from those of typical podcasts. Each episode outlines the triumphs, challenges and, of course, failures of some of the greatest entrepreneurs, innovators, and idealists in the world.

All in all, How I Built This is considered an irreplaceable asset, as it strives to shed light on the professional skills and tactics one should strive to improve, especially if they desire to successfully break into the technology industry.

Product Decoded

Produced by Product Leader Summit, Product Decoded is a fresh show that only just launched in March 2018. This podcast offers pertinent advice on how to build and scale extraordinary new products to meet the growing demands of the global market.

Although Product Decoded is still very much in its infantile stages, its hosts have already gleaned valuable insights from seasoned product leaders from Netflix, Medium,, and even Facebook — meaning it would be absolutely foolish of you to miss a single episode.

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

Hosted by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, Masters of Scale was designed to walk listeners through the process of scaling a company for unprecedented success — a concept that was, of course, inspired by LinkedIn’s own rise to fame.

However, Hoffman does not simply spew advice throughout each episode. Instead, he captures listeners’ attention by testing business theories with famous founders from a variety of industries. Some of his guests included Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Netflix’s Neil Hastings, and Google’s Eric Schmidt.

Clearly, podcasts are an effective method of distributing and absorbing important professional information, regardless of your industry or interests. It will certainly be interesting to see how podcasts continue to influence trends in our society, both on the business and personal ends of the continuum.