CEO and Founding Partner of Greenstone Equity Partners | Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director of World Business Lenders

Alex Gemici is a seasoned professional in finance whose expertise in business lending, investing, and fund placement has led to prosperity on an international scale. He is the CEO and Founding Partner of Greenstone Equity Partners, the largest fund placement firm based in the Middle East.

Prior to founding Greenstone Equity Partners, Mr. Gemici led Deutsche Bank’s real estate finance, mortgage origination, trading and warehouse lending businesses in the Middle East and Northern Africa. In 2009 Mr. Gemici relocated to Dubai in order to open a new division of Deutsche Bank. Over the next few years he witnessed firsthand the potential of one of the fastest-growing financial markets in the world, and he was inspired to create a “Bridge to Middle Eastern Capital,” Greenstone Equity Partners.

Mr. Gemici oversees the firm’s assistance to global Tier 1 fund managers and entrepreneurs in raising investment capital from the Middle Eastern region. Greenstone Equity Partners’ strategic location in Dubai, the financial hub of the Middle East, enables the firm to serve clients in primary markets throughout the GCC, including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman. Greenstone places a strong emphasis to the geographical capital diversification needs of its MENA-based clients.

As a managing member of the company, Alex Gemici ensures that Greenstone emphasizes sector and geographic differentiation in client selection to provide investors with diversified investment options. Additionally, he has positioned Greenstone Equity Partners to follow the changing landscape of GCC investors and thus continuously find new pools of capital. For example, due to sociopolitical changes in the region, educational endowments are increasing as an emerging pool of capital. Change among social and political landscapes, combined with current underweighted allocations in the GCC, provide great potential to international investors.

Alex Gemici has vertical experience in commercial and residential real estate and he supports major growth in the home financing market of the MENA region. Compared to international markets, outstanding mortgage stock accounts for a very small percentage of the GDP in North Africa, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia. In a feature on, Gemici explained that this indicates “phenomenal growth for the sector in the coming years.”

Mr. Gemici, who is highly experienced in business development and management, is also interested in the gradual transformation of legacy business practices in the Middle East to more Westernized methods.

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