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5 Tech Gifts to Scoop this Holiday Season

New tech and fun gadgets make for some of the best gifts during the holidays. When you need to decide which gadget to buy this year, you can check out these helpful tips. Whether you’d like to purchase an eReader or a smart security camera, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift for your friends and colleagues.


Whether you’re a trendsetter or a techie, smartwatches are a must-have this year. With mobile connectivity, smartwatches are great for keeping track of notifications, emails and calls. Although every watch is different, some will even let you record and send voice messages or monitor heart rate. We’re in the future of wearable technology that looks great and works well. With items to suit any budget, smartwatches are sure to be popular gifts this season.

Virtual Reality Headsets

For a holiday season filled with imagination and immersion in creative worlds, consider gifting a VR headset. While high-end gamers will enjoy products like the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and HoloLens, there are other affordable options on the market. If you want to make this holiday season great, consider a Google Cardboard headset. Both cheap and easy-to-use, anyone can get a taste of the world of VR with Google Cardboard, a headset that works with most smartphones. Whether experiencing 360 videos or riding a virtual roller coaster, VR headsets are a popular gadget for the holidays.

Smart Security Cameras

Smart home products are trending this year, and WiFi-connected security cameras are no exception. Everyone could use some additional home security, and a wireless security camera with smartphone connectivity and night vision is simply invaluable. Many smart security cameras allow you to receive regular snapshots and record audio for when you’re traveling and need to check up on the house. If you’re shopping for someone you love, consider keeping them safe with some of the most useful tech on the market.

Solar Lights

You may find one of the most festive gift ideas for this holiday season is a set of solar-powered lights. From decorative string lights to practical solar-powered LEDs, this is a gadget you can’t miss. Although it can be hard to go green, giving solar energy as a gift helps you make the transition a little easier. Small solar-powered lights are easy to gift, incredibly useful, and perfect for frugal gift recipients who want to trim their electric bill.


Everyone loves a great eReader. Gadgets like these are ideal for students, busy professionals, and anyone in between who wants to catch up on reading whenever it’s convenient. With the ability to store eBooks and access content via WiFi, today’s eReaders make it easy to enjoy literature on the go. This lightweight tech opens a world of possibilities for reading, especially when your device’s battery lasts for days. When it comes to the holidays, there’s no greater gadget than an eReader that can hold countless stories for endless hours.